My Travel Bug Is Returning!

The year of 2016 is one that will live in infamy for my husband and I. During it's 12 month period we spent over 200 days traveling, returning home periodically in order to do laundry, sort through mail, and repack our suitcases.

Or so it felt!

After five years of being retired and traveling between five to six months of each year, topped by the enormity of our travels in 2016, we ended the year completely exhausted. A kind of bone numbing exhaustion I'd never before experienced, not to mention the numerous cases of Noro Virus we contracted (three by my best count) from various long haul flights traveling pretty much all over the world. But, as is so often the case in life, the temporary demise of one passion allowed room for another to arise, in our case that being the fulfillment of a twenty five year long desire to live nearer to the ocean here in Orange County, California. A move of just a little over 30 miles (we went both west and south), but completely life changing, a…

What We're Eating This Week 3/15 - 3/21

I confess that we ended up eating so many leftovers last week (I'm talking to you great big batch of vegetarian chili!), I ended up moving three of my meals from last week to this week. However, because I had such a small list last week (I spent less than $25), and because we are both entertaining and hosting friends overnight this upcoming week, my grocery list was still rather long, and I came in at just under $120 this week.

Which made my husband happy, because tolerant as he is about what is placed in front of him each night, even he got a bit weary of vegetarian chili, delicious as it might have been!

So here's what's on the menu for the week, including notations for nights we're dining elsewhere.

What We're Eating This Week

Thursday - Leftover vegetarian chili, garlic bread. (We were gone all day visiting art museums in San Diego, and I was too tired to cook when we returned . . . TG for freezer leftovers!)

Friday - Black Bean Taco Bowls* (Lenten Friday for hu…

Monday Musings

Happy Monday to you all! I find it interesting that even in retirement Mondays still feel a bit different from the rest of the week. Firstly, we often come into them exhausted from having packed as many things to do into our weekends as possible. And secondly, they feel exciting in that they herald the start of a brand new week that is full of possibilities. So unlike in my working years, I now much enjoy Mondays!

And to kick it off, here are some random musings that have been running through my head this past week:

1)  I much, much, much enjoy the very wise and sage blogs I read on a regular basis, primarily about life in retirement. Included among these would be A Satisfying Retirement, Sizzling Toward Sixty And Beyond, and Smart Living 365. All are chock full of interesting articles relevant to living a vibrant, robust life in the retirement chapter of our lives.

2)  This is my least favorite weekend of the year in that we, blah, lose an hour of precious time a la Daylight Savings…

What We're Eating This Week 3/8 - 3/14

Turns out, not a lot this week! Literally as I was turning into my parking spot at Trader Joe's after my gym workout this morning, I remembered we had tickets to a dinner & jazz event tonight that I'd totally forgotten about. That, on top of several other dining events I did remember to put on my calendar means my shopping this week was pretty light.

I'm not sure what others do here, but in the interest of keeping a lid on weight gain over the longhaul, my husband and I tend to eat pretty much the same things at home for breakfast, lunch and snacks, week after week, month after month. Our dinners vary greatly from day to day and week to week, but that's about it.

With regard to grocery shopping, it keeps things simple, and my cupboard space to a minimum, which benefits our wallets, our waistlines, and our waste (i.e. throw away). And with two of my 2018 Wellness Goals being to minimizing my sugar and gluten consumption, even less is being bought to clutter up our …

Wellness Wednesday - March Edition

Guys, before we start off I have to admit that while I am not falling behind on working on my Ten Wellness Goals, I am falling behind a bit in the reporting outward of them!

Which might be kind of a good thing, come to think, in that it's a direct result of putting the pedal to the metal of my life that is causing me to fall short on the reporting side of things!

As a review, here are the goals I set for myself for 2018:

My Ten Wellness Goals For 2018

1.  Reduce processed sugar calories to no more than 100 per day.
2.  Increase water intake to 8 glasses per day.
3. Add in 2x a week of strength training.
4. Add in 2x a week of yoga.
5. Train for one long distance biking event.
6. Train for one backpacking event.
7. Limit gluten-containing items to no more than 100 calories per day.
8. Begin meditating 2x daily, five minutes each time to begin.
9. Initiate internet-free Sundays.
10. Lose ten pounds by signing up for an internet support program.

And here's how things are going:


Five Things Making Me Happy Today - 3/5

One of my favorite monthly posts, here are five things making me happy today!

Five Happy Things

1. Osprey! We first bumped into osprey after we retired and began spending long stretches RV'ing up into the Pacific Northwest. It was love at first sight, and we have lots of wonderful memories of seeing and hearing these beautiful creatures flying overhead, often in pairs because they generally mate for life . . . aah!

Anyhoo, I didn't realize they existed in S. California until I spotted one perched atop one of our tall ships at Dana Point Harbor while volunteering one day a few months ago. Since then, I've seen them as far as one mile inland from the ocean, which is about a mile shy of our home. And although I think it's unlikely they'll come much more inland than a mile, I'm still harboring a dream of stepping out into my backyard one day and seeing them fly overhead.

Here are some interesting facts about Osprey I looked up while prepping for this post:
- Osprey …

What We're Eating This Week 3/2 - 3/7

In the interest of sharing how two empty nest retirees meal plan, I thought it might be fun to start sharing my weekly dinner menu here, along with links to the actual recipes I'm using if they're available online. Ideally, I'll post these each Wednesday, the day I do my grocery shopping, but in that I got a wee bit behind this week, this will be a bit of an abbreviated post.

I do still cook most of our dinners from scratch, as I've done for most of our married life other than during the ten year period we were empty nesters while both working full time. During those years we simply scrambled, with very little cooking done other than on the weekends. Lots of convenience foods, take out and dine outs, none of which were good for our health. So in retirement I was actually much looking forward to getting back to the roots of cooking home meals, and even after six years of being retired, I'm still happily doing so.

One of the ways I keep it fresh in the kitchen is to…